Course Syllabus

Undergraduate academic advisor training



Sarah Hoffman

Sarah Hoffman

Sarah Hoffman, Ph.D.

Assistant Provost for Student Success


Tonnett Luedtke

Tonnett Luedtke

Tonnett Luedtke, M.A.

Executive Director of Academic Advising


Kateri McRae

Kateri McRae

Kateri McRae, Ph.D.

Faculty Director of Faculty Advising, Associate Professor of Psychology


Course Description and Outcomes

The Undergraduate Academic Advising Training is an introduction to academic advising at the University of Denver. This course provides a baseline of information and skills to prepare faculty and staff advisors to be a caring, knowledgeable resource for students.

At the end of this course, advisors will be able to:

  • Identify the most important academic advising resources 
  • Identify the most important support services
  • Consider ways to effectively manage advising responsibilities
  • Understand trends in recent retention and graduation rates
  • Consider how to make their advising practice more inclusive 
  • Begin to discuss their own approach to and philosophy of advising

Module Topics

Modules Topic Covered
Module 1 The DU Advising Model: Roles & Responsibilities
Module 2 Enhancing Student Success through Advising
Module 3 Seeking Balance as a Faculty Advisor
Module 4 Curriculum Basics
Module 5 Academic Policies 
Module 6 Advising Technology
Module 7 Advising First-Year Students
Module 8 Academic & Support Resources
Module 9 Advising Best Practices

faculty advisor compensation

At this time, we are able to pay faculty advisors: $150 for the completion of this training (including discussions and quizzes) and attending a follow-up workshop in September/October.